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We've launched a Neurodiversity Advocacy
Webinar Series

Here's a graphic of our team, it includes Jhillika, Conner, Shea, Haley and Syntyche
Graphic on our last Neurodiversity Advocacy Webinar on "Autism and Interssectionality"
Graphic includes quotes from our webinar panelists, Lauren, Esperanza and Bryce.


Register for the event in order to gain access to the Zoom link.

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June 16th | 3:00pm ET

Meet the speakers!

Picture of our panelist Esperanza Padilla
Picture of our panelist Lauren Melissa
Picture of our panelist Bryce J. Celotto

Esperanza Padilla

Autistic Scholar & Berkeley Former President at Spectrum

Bryce J. Celotto, M.A.T

Black, queer, transgender, autistic JEDI Consultant & Educator

Lauren Melissa

Black Multiracial, Queer Autistic educator & activist

Unmasking and bringing your authentic self to work

Featuring Neurodivergent Self-Advocates

Picture of our panelist Lauren Melissa Em Aspinall

Em Aspinall

 “We shouldn’t need to hide our authentic selves behind a mask.”  #autistic

Picture of our panelist Nadia


The moment you start to remove the mask you realize you have been somebody for everyone but yourself.


Picture of our panelist Rochelle

Rochelle Van Heerden

There is nothing wrong with us, but there is something wrong with society and this has to change.

#autistic #adhd

Missed the event? Watch it here!

We’ll have 3 global changemakers / autistic influencers who will share their candid unmasking story, as well as practical tips for neurodivergents to unmask and neurotypicals to support. We’ll also learn about their journey in going on to share their authentic voices with a global audience on social media. 

Why are we launching this webinar series?

If we’re going to start a movement to change the workforce of the future to be more inclusive for all, we need to understand the beauty of thought diversity, and how to build a culture of empathy and understanding for neurodivergents.


To bring these neurodiverse voices to the forefront, Mentra is organizing a Webinar and blog series called [Neuro]diversifying the workforce of the future so we can hear directly from self-advocates, industry leaders and changemakers about how we can step into a new inclusive reality, together.


Our main goal with this series is to lower the barriers to employment by bridging the ecosystem partners & creating a centralized network for inclusive employers to hire neurodivergent talent in an accessible manner.

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