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Mentra places top neurodivergent talent in cyber security roles at Fortune 500 companies

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retention rate


increase in productivity

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decrease in cost to fill

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What is Mentra?

Mentra is the world’s largest talent pool of neurodiverse technologists. We help job seekers with autism, ADHD, and other forms of neurodivergence find roles that align with their unique strengths.

The World's Largest talent pool of

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Talent Pipeline from 500+ bootcamps

Sourced from top national hackathons

US-based and trained Certified Ethical Hackers

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Source from the World’s Largest Talent Pool of

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Mentra candidates have been hired to the security teams at firms like...

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The skills neurodivergent professionals 

bring to 

  • Pattern Recognition: crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors in systems and networks.

  • Creativity: for devising innovative attack strategies and exploiting unexpected vulnerabilities that may be overlooked by traditional cognitive profiles.

  • Hyperfocus: ideal for penetration testing and exploring intricate attack scenarios.

  • Attention to Detail: for conducting meticulous security assessments and ensuring thorough coverage of potential attack surfaces.

Red Teams

  • Specialized Knowledge: for identifying potential weaknesses, and developing effective defense mechanisms.

  • Systematic Thinking: invaluable for analyzing security logs, detecting anomalous behavior, and developing robust defense strategies.

  • Persistence: for defending against persistent cyber threats and adapting to evolving attack techniques.

  • Attention to Patterns: crucial in identifying recurring attack patterns or signatures in network traffic, aiding in the detection and mitigation of cyber threats.

Blue Teams

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Neurodiversity: The solution to Cyber’s talent problem

Embracing Neurodiversity:
The Untapped Potential in Cybersecurity

by Shaun Marion

Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap through neurodiversity

by Cat Contillo

Neurodiversity: A Competitive Advantage in Cybersecurity

by Sam Curry

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