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Cognitive diversity is the competitive advantage your company needs.

We specialize in connecting forward-thinking companies with exceptional Software Engineers, Data Analysts, and UX Professionals. Source untapped talent pools and find neuro-exceptional tech talent.

This is more than DEI. It’s ROI.


Increased Productivity


Retention Rate of Mentra Hires


Avg. Candidate Acquisition Cost Savings

The solution is neuroinclusion.

Let’s identify where you are on your journey.

You can’t make improvements if you don’t know where you’re starting.

We work with your team to understand the core of your organizational culture and employee processes. Together we can engineer the next crucial steps towards inclusive hiring and talent retainment.

A GIF showing the Neuroinclusion Maturity Model of Mentra.

We build neuroinclusive organizations through our LAB framework.

Empower your employees with a neuroinclusion curriculum built by Mentra in partnership with the Vanderbilt Frist Center for Autism and Innovation


Neuroinclusion 101 - education of neurodivergence and identification of people and environmental workplace supports to allow individual success.


A guide to neuroinclusive recruiting to attract neuroexceptional talent; istarting from inclusive job descriptions to screening and communicating with nontraditional talent.


Fostering a neuroinclusive company culture with additional support and career development. to retain and unlock the full potential of talent.

Attract untapped tech talent

Mentra saves your team time and effort by automatically transforming your job descriptions to meet inclusive best practices so you can find exactly who you’re looking for every time.

An image of a Company Job Profile of Mentra.

A candidate network at your fingertips

With one account, your entire team can search and connect with candidates across a wide array of backgrounds. Create and save searches for multiple roles and needs so you can always stay ahead.

An image of the Job Talent Pool of Mentra.

Stop losing talent

At least 15-20% of your workforce is silently neurodivergent. 53% of neurodivergents are likely to leave an organization that doesn’t prioritize neuroinclusion.


Why? Because without the right support, employees are forced to “mask” dimensions of themselves. This suppresses talent, leading to burnout, disengagement, and loss of productivity. If you build neuroinclusivity into the fabric of your company, you will build teams that are more connected, more productive and more innovative.

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A Mockup of the Neuroinclusion Rubric Guidebook of Mentra.

Check your email to access to guide!

Understand what it takes to be neuroinclusive

Let’s build a neuroinclusive world, one company at a time.

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