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The Manifesto for Neuroinclusion
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The Manifesto for Neuroinclusion

Taking the right turn in neurodiversity employment:

Embarking on a A New Era: Embracing Neurodivergent Talent in the Workplace

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Welcome to a new age of neurodiversity – an era where we embrace the varied skills and talents of all people, as well as our unique neurological makeup. We're calling it the age of neuroinclusion.

As HR professionals, we’ve seen the signs.


The pulse of the corporate world is changing, and it’s calling us to approach talent acquisition and management in innovative ways. 

The workforce is diverse, and it's becoming more evident that diversity goes beyond race, gender, and age. It extends into the realm of our neurology.

The Unseen Challenge: Embracing Neurodiversity

The problem we face today isn't one of visibility, it's of understanding. Neurodivergent talent – those with neurological variations such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, among others – often remain underrepresented in companies because of our conventional ways of thinking about work, productivity, and talent.

1. Lack of Empathy: We, as companies, often struggle to understand how neurodivergence intersects with one's performance and well-being. Employees may be aware of neurodivergence but might lack the empathy to understand the associated strengths and challenges. Moreover, recognizing how to support neurodivergent colleagues effectively remains a hurdle.

2. Misaligned Hiring Systems: Traditional hiring practices, which rely heavily on keyword matching, are often ineffective at recognizing the unique talents of neurodivergent individuals. We need systems that look beyond traditional measures and appreciate the diverse ways in which aptitude can manifest.

3. Absence of Psychological Safety: Companies often lack a culture of psychological safety that encourages employees to be their authentic selves. The pressure to "mask" one's unique neurology can lead to burnout and turnover.

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Are you an Employer interested in hiring neurodivergent talent?

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About the Author

Nadia Ibrahim-Taney is an Assistant Professor of Career Education, teaching and coaching students majoring in STEM fields at the University of Cincinnati. She is also the Founder of Beyond Discovery Coaching where she helps clients build happy and fufilling careers. She identifies as an LGBTQ+ woman with a neurodivergence (ADHD), which influences her research and interest in how personal and professional identities intertwine in the workplace. She is best reachable on LinkedIn.

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