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We help job seekers with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and other forms of neurodivergence find the right career fit

Before finding Mentra, I had applied to hundreds of positions. Nearly a year into my new role, I can honestly say that Mentra has changed my life.

- Ali (hired at a Mentra partner company)

After ten years of job-related disappointment, all of this almost feels like a dream: by which I mean, being treated with kindness, respect and consideration both pre- and post-hire.

- Matt (hired at a Mentra partner company)

I was selected for a location near me for much more money than I have ever made. I tell people stories of Mentra and how you found me and helped me. Thank you so much it could not have come at a better time.

- James (hired at a Mentra partner company)

Find the Job that only you can do

Get matched with leading tech firms for roles in software, data and design

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Steps to Join Mentra

Step 1: Create your account

Mentra's onboarding process is designed to help you showcase your cognitive strengths, and position you in a way that compels recruiters to reach out.

A graphic on profile preferences.
A graphic of a Mentra Profile.

Step 2: Find jobs that speak to you

Mentra company partners put neuroinclusion first. Find jobs from employers that care about the unique perspective and skills that you can bring to their team.

Step 3: Get Matched with Jobs that Only You Can Do!

No more parsing through endless job descriptions to find the right fit. Meta's matching algorithm (currently in Beta), recommends any jobs that align with your profile and stores them all in one place for you to view.

Graphic of Mentra's job matching process.
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We bring opportunities to you

Forms of Neurodivergence


Cybersecurity professionals protect computer systems and networks from digital attacks, ensuring data safety and integrity.

Data Analytics

Software Engineering

UX Design

Data analysts interpret complex data sets to help organizations make informed decisions by uncovering patterns, trends, and insights.

UX designers create user-centric designs that optimize usability and enhance user satisfaction across digital platforms and products..

Software engineers craft digital solutions and applications through coding and programming to address specific user needs and enhance technological capabilities.

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