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Let's partner to open doors for the neurodiverse.

Join forward-thinking partners to intelligently match neurodivergents with meaningful careers to maximize job satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Services providers (e.g. voc rehab, job coaches) can use Mentra to track and match their clients with jobs.

Services we provide to our partners.

Mentra partners with organizations to build a robust talent pipeline to reach neurodivergents across every State in the US.

Graphic of Mentra's portal access page

Portal Access

Gain access to your organization’s portal where you can build a more engaged community of neurodivergents.

Graphic of mantra's personalized sign up page for organizations with referral links.

Co-branded Experience

Invite candidates to join your organization on Mentra. We generate a referral link unique to your organization and build a co-branded experience for jobseekers joining your talent pool.

A graphic showing a list of candidates.

Candidate Tracking

Track candidates’ progress as they build their Mentra Profile and get matched with jobs. Support candidates through interviews and hiring steps with employers on Mentra.

A graphic showing a Mentra candidate file.

File Management

Intimately understand your candidates’ strengths and inclusion essentials to recommend the candidates you support for inclusive job opportunities.

Why partner with Mentra?


100% Retention

1 Application

for Neurodiverse job seekers

to date for all hires Mentra has placed

to get in front of inclusive employers

How your candidates will use the platform

Here's how YOU can join Mentra

Automated next-generation profiles.

By using Mentra, neurodivergents can showcase their unique talents to employers.

Graphic of an example Mentra profile

Understand accommodations upfront.

Understand the unique value every individual provides.

Understand a candidate's unique story.

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Biden Administration endorsed Mentra as the Next-Generation solution to create an inclusive pipeline for people with disabilities.

Mentra was awarded by Microsoft's AI for Accessibility team as an organization building inclusive algorithm to solve the "Disability Divide".

Mentra is endorsed by

Invite neurodivergents to join our ecosystem.

Join the Mentraverse today!
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