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Are you ready to neuro-diversify your workforce?


Mentra’s revolutionary model streamlines the process for employers to hire from a larger, more diverse pool of neurodivergent talent.

Graphic of three working professionals in an office space
Click here to go to, Step 1: Sign up to Mentra

Sign up to Mentra

Click here to go to, Step 2: Post Neuro-Inclusive Jobs

Post Neuro-inclusive Jobs

Click here to go to, Step 3: Get matched with talent

Get matched with talent

Click here to go to, Step 4: View job talent pools

View Job Talent Pools

Click here to go to, Step 5: Evaluate Mentra Profiles

Evaluate Mentra Profiles

Click here to go to, Step 6: Invite, Interview and Hire!

Invite, Interview and Hire!

NeuroExceptional Talent.

NeuroExceptional Results.

Sources: Harvard Business Review, Accenture

80% of neurodivergents are underemployed or unemployed.

Although if their talents are harnessed in the right environments, neurodivergents can contribute towards
economic growth and global inclusion.

Neurodiverse companies are:


more productive*


higher revenue*


profit growth*


net income*

Attracting and harnessing neurodiverse talent provides advantages for every workplace.

More productivity

Studies show neurodivergents are 30% more productive than the average employee, which can boost the productivity of their teammates.

Increased innovation

Neurodivergents boost organizational empathy & morale, by bringing a new way of thinking and unique life experiences.

Higher bottom line

Neurodivergent teams can contribute towards the bottom line by building products and services that reflect the diversity of the human population.

How to hire with Mentra

Graphic of Mentra Job Profile Generator
Sign up to Mentra


Sign Up as an Employer

Create an account and build a neuroinclusive company profile


Post Holistic Job Profiles

Expand beyond traditional job descriptions to specify environmental and communication factors of the role

Graphic of Mentra's inclusive employer profile
Post Holistic Job Profiles
Graphic of Mentra's inclusive AI mayching algorithm


Get Matched with Candidates

Mentra matches you with neurodivergent candidates by assessing skills alignment with the job tasks and requirements

Get Matched with Jobs


View your Job Talent Pool

Access curated lists of pre-screened neurodivergent talent saving countless hours and removing much of the guesswork

View your Job Talent Pool
Graphic of Mentra's Job Talent Pool View.


Evaluate Next-Gen Resumes

Interact with Mentra Profiles to get the full picture on each candidate before you pick up the phone

Evaluate Next-Gen Resumes
Graphic of a full fledged mantra profile, with a "Skills and Strength" section, "Inclusion Essentials", "Media" and "Experience" section


Invite, Interview and Hire!

Invite candidates to next steps, then interview and hire with support at your fingertips

Congratulations! You've just got a new hire.
Invite, Interview and Hire!

How are we different?

Today’s mainstream recruiting technologies such as LinkedIn and Indeed do not consider the neurodivergent experience. Their AI solutions for job matching are often biased, trained on neurotypical employment outcome data that is not representative of the wider population.

Graphic on how inclusion is not prioritized in mainstream hiring, this is depicted by grayed out icons of people.
Graphic on how hiring with Mentra unlocks the potential of every candidate.

Get started with Mentra.

No matter how big or small your business is, we have transparent pricing options to make it as easy as possible to neurodiversify your workforce.

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