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What Does a Neuroinclusive Employer in St. Louis Look Like? Insights from Leading Initiatives in Boeing


When neurodivergent individuals seek employment, they should prioritize inclusive work environments that value their unique strengths and contributions. In St. Louis, Boeing has earned acclaim for its neuroinclusivity, standing out as a prominent example of an employer championing diversity. By fostering an atmosphere where neurodivergent professionals can thrive, Boeing has become a role model in the tech sector. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what it means to be a neuroinclusive employer in St. Louis, with a special focus on initiatives that empower neurodivergent individuals in the tech sector.

**Embracing Neurodiversity and Inclusion in Hiring New Talent:**

To truly embody neuroinclusivity, top-level advocacy is crucial. Senior leadership's active promotion and advocacy for inclusive policies and practices set the tone for the entire organization. When diversity and inclusion become integral components of the company's corporate strategy, a culture that celebrates neurodiversity takes root.


The leadership in Boeing, for example, have displayed this commitment for the company’s future through a renewed focus of their targeted hiring efforts. By actively seeking neurodivergent talent and providing equal opportunities, employers create a diverse workforce where individuals' unique cognitive strengths are recognized and celebrated. In the case of Boeing, the company has entered a partnership with Mentra to help coordinate these neurodivergent hiring efforts. Mentra is a platform engineered to connect neuroinclusive employers with neurodivergent talent using a comprehensive, AI driven process that ensures better retention and candidate happiness. 

**Tailored Accommodations & Support Networks:**

Post-hire, it’s important that organizations are able to recognize the significance of providing tailored workplace accommodations and set up each employee with the proper accommodations or workplace supports to be successful. Accommodations catered to the unique needs of neurodivergent employees create an environment where all individuals can thrive and contribute effectively. Some accommodations Boeing has offered it’s employees include XX

**Establishing Support Networks:**

Neuroinclusive employers like Boeing prioritize the establishment of internal mentorship and support networks for neurodivergent professionals. These networks enable employees to connect with experienced mentors, seek guidance, and access resources tailored to their individual needs. Such initiatives nurture professional growth, development, and well-being, benefiting both the individuals and the organization.

​​**Fostering a Culture of Learning & Innovation:**

Furthermore, investing in specialized training programs for managers and employees is crucial. These initiatives increase awareness and understanding of neurodiversity, fostering a supportive work environment. In such an atmosphere, empathy and respect become the cornerstones of interactions, creating a sense of belonging for all employees.These trainings should be two sided, with both the employer and the neurodivergent employee being able to share their perspective and duly learn from the other. A neuroinclusive employer fosters a culture of innovation by empowering neurodivergent professionals to bring their unique perspectives to the table. By embracing diversity, employers create a dynamic and innovative workforce.


A neuroinclusive employer in St. Louis, like Boeing, values diversity, inclusion, and innovation. By embracing neurodiversity and fostering a supportive work environment, these employers empower neurodivergent professionals to thrive in the tech sector and make meaningful contributions. As we celebrate the initiatives of Boeing and other leading neuroinclusive employers, we hope to inspire more companies in St. Louis and beyond to create workplaces that celebrate diversity and recognize the value of neurodivergent talent.

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