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Careers in Design

Create unique interfaces tailored to users’ needs.

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A career in Design is dedicated to planning, researching, designing, and testing user experiences to ensure they meet and exceed a user's needs and expectations. Within this field, you may find:

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Conduct in-depth research to understand user behaviors, preferences, and pain points, gathering insights to inform the design process.

User Experience (UX) Researchers

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User Experience (UX) Designers

Strategically plan and design the overall user experience of products, focusing on usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction.

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User Interface (UI) Designers

Craft visually intuitive digital interfaces that integrate with the overall user experience.

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Craft product designs that seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics to meet user needs and business objectives.

Product Designers

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UI Game Designers

Design captivating and immersive user interfaces for video games, balancing aesthetics with functionality to enhance gameplay and player engagement.applications.

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Neurodivergent individuals shine in design with their distinct creativity, strong visual-spatial skills, and innovative thinking. People with ADHD often bring high energy, imagination, and the ability to see multiple perspectives, making them exceptional at brainstorming and conceptualizing designs. Dyslexic individuals' unique way of thinking can lead to groundbreaking and aesthetically pleasing design solutions.

Why Design roles can be a good fit for neurodivergent job seekers

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Skills for Success

Some common skills found in job descriptions may include:

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Proficiency in Design Tools

Mastery of industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Suite (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Sketch, Figma, or similar tools.

Visual Communication

Ability to effectively communicate ideas and concepts visually through design elements such as imagery, icons, and illustrations.

UI/UX Design

Proficiency in UI and UX principles, including wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

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A career in Design is where creativity meets purpose; every interaction becomes an opportunity to shape the digital and physical landscape and touch the lives of millions.

By leveraging their expertise, designers empower businesses and organizations to create experiences that resonate with users and drive success in today's competitive environment.

What You Can Expect

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Neuroexceptional Talents that may align well with a role in Design:

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Detail Oriented Thinker

Creative Thinker

Tech or Computer Savvy

Strong Emotional Intelligence

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Socially Savvy

Out of the Box Problem Solver

Deep Emphatizer


Geo-spatial Thinker

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