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the future of work is neurodiverse

Serving innovative thinkers in tech

Mentra empowers neurodivergent Software, UX, and Data professionals to find roles that best leverage their cognitive strengths. Neurodiversity includes all form of cognitive variation, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, PTSD, and more.

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The invisible barriers we solve for

Mentra is different from other job-finding services because we have a deep understanding of the challenges neurodivergents face every step of the way:


" I have no idea what jobs to search for that utilize all my skills. "


" Just the thought of applying to a job is intimidating. "


" I get anxiety when recruiters ask vague questions like:

Tell me about yourself."


" They took away my breaks and I had no time to decompress. "

Steps to join Mentra

Step 1:  Apply just once to many jobs

Save countless hours by filling out one application to be in consideration for multiple jobs with neuro-inclusive companies.

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Graphic of a Mentra Profile!

Step 2: Build your next-gen resume

After signing up, job seekers are provided an accessible profile; a platform for self-expression that highlights neuro-exceptional strengths rather than experience alone.

Step 3: Get matched with jobs

No more researching for jobs... now, they come directly to you! Check out our neurodivergent-friendly job postings and chat with our personalized job coach in the Mentraverse!

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Our Values

Together, we can change the world.

We are a neurodiverse team working to level the playing field in the job-finding process. Mentra is built from research collected from 3 years of community-based participatory research to understand the needs of this population.

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Transparency is at our core.

We deeply care about your privacy and provide customizable controls so you can decide who views your information. We understand that not everyone has unmasked their neurodivergence publicly.

Explore the Mentraverse

Learn more about the different types of neurodivergence

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