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The Mentra Team

Mentra is designed by and for neurodivergents to bring their full and genuine selves to work, and achieve their fullest potential. That starts with our team!

Meet the Mentra family

Headshot of Jhillika Kumar.

Jhillika Kumar

CEO / Founder

My personal experiences with my non-speaking, autistic brother ignited my passion to advocate for disability rights and design a world where my brother can one day find a job. I am a social impact entrepreneur and speaker/advocate for disability empowerment.

Headshot of Conner Reinhardt.

Conner Reinhardt

COO / Co-Founder

As a recently-diagnosed neurodivergent, I've witnessed the extraordinary talents of the neurodiverse community firsthand. Behind the layers of inefficiency in today's hiring process, there is immense potential to innovate a new system that's able to value and recognize these key players in the workforce of tomorrow.

Headshot of Shea Belsky.

Shea Belsky


I'm an autistic self-advocate, and the product of countless educators and supporters over the years. Because of my journey, I'm uniquely positioned to be able to improve the experiences of disabled jobseekers. All of us should be able to lead meaningful lives, and the neurodiverse are no exception to that.

Headshot of Haley Hataway.

Haley Hataway

Head of Customer Success

I’m a technologist, researcher, and strategist who aspires to use data-driven insight to create positive change. Mentra’s network has the potential to connect and unlock a vast pool of untapped talent, and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to such an important mission.

Headshot of David Thomason.

David Thomason

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Finding Mentra was like finding a group of dreamers, with the same ideals I've had for years. Now I get to put my engineering talent to use everyday for a company that empowers those like me whose natural talents were overlooked or undervalued for so long.

Headshot of Jessye Lavine.

Jessye Lavine

Account Executive

There are many neurodivergent individuals, including myself, who spend a lot of energy masking their differences in order to succeed. I joined Mentra to apply my background in sales and organizational efficiency to bring inclusive businesses on board to help build a world where neurodivergence in the workplace is celebrated, supported, and directed towards workplace innovation.

A circular headshot of Maia Stewart.

Maia Stewart

Senior Product Manager

After university, my younger brother struggled to enter the workforce, keeping and finding jobs was something I would regularly help him with. He was neurodiverse. I knew when I found Mentra that I could put my skills to good use helping others like him. Those who think bigger, those who's skills aren't traditionally understood and incorporated into the workforce. I'm determined to build a product that changes job search for the better.

Headshot of Brian Swanberg.

Brian Swanberg

Full Stack Data Scientist

Since high school, I have been interested in the future of learning and work, and in 2022 I built a notetaking software for those with ADHD and dyslexia to learn more easily. I understand how much better designed the professional world can be for the neurodivergents, and want to translate this passion to build systems that empower the neurodiverse!

A circular headshot of Nicole Mcquitter.

Nicole Mcquitter

Talent Acquisition Partner

I've always been an advocate for inclusion and made being inclusive part of my everyday hiring practices. When I learned there was a company that made inclusive hiring their mission I felt I had to become a part of the push to create a new norm. As a mother with neurodivergent children and an HR professional I was eager to help blaze the trail with Mentra.

A circular headshot of Mathew Hultquist.

Mathew Hultquist

Full Stack Engineer

I was diagnosed with Autism as a child and discovering Mentra has been an amazing journey of self discovery that I never thought I needed. I'm excited to be in the position to help other people get to where they need to be.

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