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A woman doing a laboratory work.

The gifts of autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more extend far beyond careers in STEM, and lend themselves to art, skilled trades, retail, writing, teaching, and many others.

An autistic woman in video conference.

If you are struggling to launch a career as an autistic individual, here are 10 roles where your autistic traits might not need to be "masked", but rather utilized as a splendid asset.

A group of people facing a laptop.

Finding internships that harness your strengths can be a challenge, even more so as a neurodiverse teen. Here’s some tips on how to navigate through the job market and find an opportunity that’s right for you.

An image of an autistic woman.

Author and advocate for autism, Amy Cramb, sheds a light on the struggles of finding a fulfilling career as a neurodivergent and gives us 3 steps to find your ideal workplace.


An image of a man facing a laptop.

The first step to finding that perfect candidate for your open role comes down to writing a neuro-inclusive job description. If you’re not sure how to get started, here's a guide to ensure you are attracting diverse and high-performing talent.

A woman facing a laptop and wearing a noise-cancelling headphone.

Supporting your neurodivergent staff can be challenging at times, here are the top accommodations for your autistic employees to thrive in a work environment.

A group of people having a discussion.

Author and LinkedIn influencer, Mollie Pittaway, talks about the drawbacks of physical accommodations and the need for cultural shift in order to create a psychologically safe workplace.

Outside of just a D&I requirement, here’s why neurodiversifying your workplace can bring immense value to a company workplace... including driving the bottom line.


An image of Jhillika Kumar and Vikram Kumar.

A story of hope and perseverance as Mentra’s founder and CEO, Jhillika Kumar, uncovers the hidden potential of her non-speaking autistic brother Vikram. In this article, Jhillika explores the life experiences that led her to founding Mentra, an organization focused on tapping into this neuro-exceptional potential of every human.


A group of people holding a book.

The feeling of having multiple indentites or relating multiple groups of people is common amongst neurodivergents. Here’s how these neurodivergent advocates and leaders came to terms with their multifaceted identities.

A group of people smiling.

Unmasking can be a challenge, and can often be seen as a risk, especially in the workplace. Here’s how these autistic advocates and social media influencers have navigated their journey to sharing their true neurodivergent identity with their employers.

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